Moonstone Platform Overview​


MoonStone Blue’s features

Data Acquisition

  • Acquisition from LYRAGate, LYRASens and LYRALink.
  • Acquisition of trend data (calculated in the sensor) and raw data.
  • Acquisition triggers:
    • Time-based - scheduler
    • Event-base - automatic when the sensor is moving with post and pre-triggering
    • Condition-based - automatic when the machine is rotating
    • On-demand - 5s reaction time
  • Triggering of synchronised acquisition on a group of sensors (multicast)  or on all data sensors (broadcast) connected to the gateway

Data Management

  • Data managed per site, section, machine and measurement point.
  • Sensors’ data connected to each measurement point so that data continuity is ensured even in case of sensors replacement.
  • Full remote configuration of LYRASens (e.g. acquisition parameters) and LYRAGate.
  • Remote firmware upgrade of LYRASens and LYRAGate.
  • LYRA infrastructure monitoring (e.g. batterie voltage, RSSI,…).

Data Visualisation

  • Trend view of data
  • Analysis view of raw data  in time and frequency spaces (FFT, wavelets, hilbert)


MoonStone Insight’s features

  • Smart Monitoring Cloud Platform used to calculate predefined KPIs for each type of machines using classic or AI-based algorithms
  • The KPIs are calculated from data stored in MoonStone Blue or/and from 3rd party data collected by our universal cloud connector "MoonStone Snooper" 
  • The KPIs are calculated using standard libraries specifically designed for rotating (ventilator, compressor,…) and linear machines (intralogistics robots, cranes,…). These libraries are continuously upgraded upon customers requirements.
  • The KPIs are automatically calculated periodically and published either in form of a comprehensive pdf reports or digitally over a Restful API.
  • MoonStone Insight is self contained in a linux docker allowing to run Jupyter Notebooks on schedule.