You operate one or more machines, critical for your operations, new or aged, and like to have some visibility on its health and its lifetime. Using a dedicated digitalizing process, GradeSens offers:

An End-to-End AI monitoring solution, consisting of Hardware, Software, Analytics and Reporting

A Modular pricing model (CAPEX or OPEX)

Service Providers

You are active in Maintenance Operations, and wish to expand your activity with machine digitalization. GradeSens offers the possibility to integrate AI-Predictive Monitoring in your value chain. 


You are a machine builder. You feel the necessity to offer to your clients a new service, that will increase the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

GradeSens will give you a hand, with a modular and vertically integrated technology, from data acquisition to data analytics and reporting, enabling fast track development of your new or existing digital services and an adaptative scale-up implementation.