Our financial tool and technology offer many opportunities to address your predictive maintenance challenges effectively with the best economic returns

Challenges in Predictive Maintenance and our responses

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Predictive Maintenance are key words used on a daily basis by many medias. Unplanned shutdowns are no longer accepted by management. The management expects solutions to be implemented quickly and at costs in line with the business case.

The theory of using AI as an answer to all ills is crumbling. That's the reason why we have designed an end-to-end solution consisting of Hardware, Software, Analytics and Dashboard so that we can address your most demanding challenges effectively with the detection of your critical failure modes placed in the center. 

Our partnership with  LeanBI  allows us to offer even more sophisticated solution. LeanBI is a key actor in Switzerland since many years in the field of Predictive Maintenance. Their know-how in Advanced Analytics allows us to address a full new spectrum of challenges using Deep Learning, Vision and Acoustic technics.

Beside our technology, we have designed a financial tool allowing you to implement your predictive maintenance roadmap in a structured manner with the minimum risks and time. 

Our training program consisting of 3 modules allows you getting an insight of Predictive Maintenance. Our Action Learning based training places you in the driver seat of your Predictive Maintenance roadmap.

Our financial tool allows you to keep the costs-benefits analysis in the center of your predictive maintenance strategy 

Our hardware designed for the most demanding environment combined with our Analytics allows us responding to your most demanding challenges

 Our structured approach to Maintenance Excellence


Our Training Program

Training Level 1

The Training Level 1 gives an insight about the Predictive Maintenance, its challenges and benefits. The steps 1 to 5 are explained using a real case study.  

Training Level 2

The Training Level 2 allows you to develop your pilot implementation plan  using Action Learning. The steps 1 and 2 are reviewed in details so that you can develop your case on a step-by-step approach, including the economics.

Training Level 3

The Training Level 3 allows you to experiment  the pilot developed during the training level 2 in your plant. During this training, you will have a chance to install sensors on your machine and perform some analysis of your data.

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