We at Gradesens offer an end to end AI monitoring solution for Automated Intralogistics Warehouses so that their flows run smoothly without unplanned downtimes

Intralogistics Systems under Monitoring
Type of Intralogistics Systems (High-Bay Conveyors, Vertical Conveyors, Shuttles, Elevators, Crans and Chillers)
Overall Equipment Effectiveness Increase
‚ÄčInstallation time per system

Why End-to-End AI Monitoring for Automated Intralogistics Warehouses?

Intralogistics is a critical element of the supply chain. Any unplanned interruption of the flow gives rise to heavy costs and stressful situation for the operators. 

With the emergence of e-commerce and the ever more rigorous requirements of storage conditions, warehouses are getting always more automated and technically sophisticated. Their maintenance is becoming a core process.

The Monitoring of Automated Warehouses is therefore a solution for operators to get a better grip on their systems. 


Our Solution - End to End AI Monitoring

Wireless Data Acquisition 

Our sensors acquire relevant physical parameters for each type of intralogistics systems and transfers the resulting data in our cloud platform.


Our analytics processes data into KPIs representative to the failure modes of the specific intralogistics system.

Reporting and Services

All KPIs are published in form of automatic periodic reports or in a dashboard. Our services supports your maintenance management.

Why GradeSens

With more than 100 systems under monitoring, GradeSens is recognised for its expertise that has been forged on real cases for more than 3 years. 

Our solution allows us to setup the monitoring systems effectively. We have established a knowledge base for each type of system to determine their failure modes and the means to detect them with our state-of-the-art End-to-End AI solution.


Type of Intralogistics Systems

Vertical Conveyor Systems

High Bay Conveyor Systems