Our solution enables to stretch the operating limits of your  critical assets  in a controlled way, with  key insights into reliability


Tailored solutions for all kind of customers:

Service Providers/Integrators

Technology as part of a digital offering integrated into your value chain.


Modular and vertically integrated technology (from sensors up to analytics) enabling fast track development of your new digital services and an adaptive scale-up implementation.


With an integrated and modular information system focused on the early detection of multiple failure modes:

Integrated and modular information system

  • Platform designed in partnership with leading industrial companies that strive for maintenance excellence
  • Integrated "all-in-one" platform: data acquisition, management, processing and reporting
  • Acquisition of existing SCADA & cloud data complemented by our wireless acquisition system when needed
  • Wireless technology for demanding applications: simultaneous acquisition, long distances, easy, fast and non-intrusive installation
  • Ideal vibration measurements of slow rotating machines and robots: high sensitivity at low frequencies 

Detection of early failure modes

  • Industrialised, scalable and configurable AI-Analytics  delivering standardised health indicators dedicated to each family of machines
  • Early stage detection of multiple failure modes using AI-Analytics and Digital Twins 
  • Data Engineering focused on the detection of the failure modes ensuring fast results with minimal sets of data
  • Periodic processing of Data and publication of the results via public APIs, PDF reports or our cloud Dashboard
  • Structured Analytics platform allowing the integration of new algorithms

Products and Services:


Large Area Wireless Data Acquisition


Data management

Cloud data connect



MaaS (Monitoring as a Service)

Moonstone Dash